This work package is implemented by three tasks:

  • Task 3.1 Extension of RobMoSys framework for formal behavioral modeling and composition through BT approach: this task extends the RobMoSys framework through a formal and systematic approach to robotic behaviors design and reuse. In particular, it leverages previous work on formalizing Behavior Trees and on defining a requirements-to-design methodology based on this formal notation. The objective is to enrich RobMoSys with a refinement-based methodology for (hierarchical, modular, readable) definition of robotic behaviors. Deliverable 3.1 presents the reults obstained within this task.

  • Task 3.2 Extension of Behavior Trees notation for robotic application: this task assesses the gaps in the BT notation for an effective application in the field of robotic applications. It incorporates feedbacks from the definition of the scenarios and provides modifications to allow the expression of invariants and assumptions for correct execution of the defined robotic behavior, compliant with the SMT-LIB standard for the integration of industrial-strength SMT solvers in Work Package 5. Deliverable 3.2 presents the reults obstained within this task.

  • Task 3.3 Semantic integration of the YARP platform concepts into RobMoSys framework: The first objective of this task is to map the R1 middleware (YARP) core communication concepts onto the RobMoSys meta-model concepts. This will enable developers to build YARP applications with the RobMoSys tools. The second objective is to formalize the Model-Of-Computation provided by YARP, which is (1) critical for the adoption of BT to specify robot behaviors in terms of orchestration of robot tasks and (2) for the correct validation of composition and execution in Work Package 5.