The development of CARVE software tools has been supported by the European Horizon H2020 project RobMosys.
This contribution is RobMoSys conformant.
This contribution is RobMoSys conformant

Software development in robotics typically focuses on individual components, whereas the component's orchestration receives much less attention. This fact makes software behaviors usually application-dependent and is therefore hardly reusable. Moreover, there is little or no use of formal verification tools for assessing properties of component's orchestration.

The objectives of the CARVE project are: use Behavior Trees (BTs) for modeling composable and reusable behaviors; provide a set of verification tools for increasing confidence in correct robot behaviors; validation of the approach in a real-world scenario; and fostering the adoption of RobMoSys ecosystem in the research community

The tools developed in CARVE are validated on real-world scenarios using the R1 humanoid robot. The integration of the YARP middleware (used on the R1 robot) and the SmartSoft toolkit helps to disseminate the RobMoSys approach to the research community.

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The CARVE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732410, in the form of financial support to third parties of the RobMoSys project.