This scenario is an extension of the Scenario 2. After the robot fetched the bottle, it has to pour its content into a glass on the table. We assume that the glass is in a pose such that, after grasping the bottle, the robot can pour the content of the bottle into the glass without moving the base.

Behavior Tree for Scenario 3

The figure below shows the BT that encodes the task for Scenario 3. The BT encodes the following logic:


 - If the robot is in the destination room with the bottle grasped (i.e. the logic described by the BT for Scenario 2), it checks if the content of the bottle is poured. If not it does the following.

  • It first checks if the glass is located with a prede ned con dence. If not, it performs the action Locate Glass.
  • If the Glass is located with a prede ned con dence, it performs the action Pour.

Execution of Scenario 3

The video below show the execution of Scenario 3, focused on the pouring execution.